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TOS-1 Buratino

Type MRL
Place of origin Soviet Union / Russia
Service history
Used by
Soviet Union, Russian Federation
Soviet-Afghan War, Second Chechen War
Production history
Designer Omsk Transmash Design Bureau
Weight     46 t (101,411 lbs)
Length     9.5 m (31 ft 2 in)
Width     3.6 m (11 ft 10 in)
Height     2.22 m (7 ft 3 in)
Crew     3
Caliber 220 mm (8.66 in)
Rate of fire 30 rounds/15 s
Effective range 500–3,500 m (547–3,828 yds)
Engine     Diesel
840 hp (626.39 kW)

TOS-1 (Russian: ТОС-1 тяжёлая огнемётная система, English: Heavy Flame Thrower System) is a Soviet 30-barrel multiple rocket launcher and thermobaric weapon mounted on a T-72 tank chassis. TOS-1 was designed for defeating enemy personnel in fortifications, in open country, and in lightly armoured vehicles and transport. First combat tests took place in Panjshir Valley during the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

The idea of a heavy short-range MLRS to launch rockets equipped with incendiary and thermobaric warheads arose in late 1970s. The combat system consisting of the combat vehicle, rockets, and loading vehicle was developed in early 1980s at KBTM in Omsk and was named TOS-1, remaining a secret development for a long time.

The TOS-1 is intended to engage military personnel, equipment, and buildings, including fortified constructions. The combat vehicle acts within the combat order of infantry and tanks. The large mass of the launcher and the need for a high-level of protection (due to the relatively short range of 400/600 m to 5,000 m) helped determine the use of the chassis of the T-72 main battle tank. The reloading vehicle was built on the chassis of a cross-country truck and equipped with a crane for loading/unloading of the launcher.

The nickname Buratino matches the name of the hero of a Russian version of a Pinocchio-style tale (by Alexey Tolstoy), because of the big "nose" of the launcher, but the name essentially meaning "heavy flame throwing merry wooden boy" is somewhat ironic and sometimes used for comedic purposes in Russia.

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NATO Tiger Meet 2011

Host Unit: Escadron de Chasse 01.012
Location: BA Cambrai
Country: France

Date: 09/05/2011 - 20/05/2011

The NATO Tiger Association (NTA) celebrated its 50th anniversary during the 2011 tiger meet at BA103 Cambai. Over 60 aircraft from 15 nations deployed to the base in the North of France, for what looks like to become the largest military exercise in Europe this year.
For the 7th and last time in their long history, Escadron de Chasse 01.012 ‘Cambrésis’, the last of the actively participating founding Squadrons, 74Sqn disbanded in 2000 and 79FS redeployed to the US in 1993, had the honor to organize the exercise before they themselves will be disbanded, and the airbase closed at the beginning of 2012.
However the French tiger tradition will be kept alive. SPA162 ‘TIGRE’ the 90 years old tiger flight within the squadron will be transferred to BA113 Saint-Dizier where it will join EC 1/7 ‘Provance’.
Even with NATO operations over Libya, and severe budget cuts throughout the Military Forces of NATO, the NTA was able to inaugurate a new member. 6ELT from the Polish Air Force, flying the F-16C/D (Block 52+), joined the Association as probationary member, and 335Mira from the Hellenic Air Force returned with aircraft after a 3 year transition period from A-7 Corsair II to F-16C/D (Block 52+). Another newcomer in the flying OPS was honorary member 1 Sqn from the Slovak Air Force, bringing 2 MiG-29’s for a long weekend visit, and some ACM training sorties during the shadow waves. We were also pleased to host observers from 59/1 Sqn Hungarian Air Force, and 37BS USAF.

Tiger Meet Participants
Sqn                 Aircraft Type
EC01.012        Mirage 2000C/B
ECE 05.330     Mirage 2000RDI
221 Sqn          Mi-24V Hind
AG 51             Tornado IDS
211 Sqn          JAS-39C/D Grippen
21 Gruppo       AB-212ICO
1 JTS              Saab OE105
321 Sqn          Tornado ECR
192 Sqn           F-16C/D
335 Mira           F-16C/D Block 52+
6 Sqn               F-16C:D Block 52+
11 Staffel          F-18C Hornet
301 Sqn            F-16A/B MLU
59/1 Sqn           Observer
31 Sqn             ** F-16A/B MLU
142 Sqn            * Mirage F1
1 Sqn               ** Mig-29
Ala 15              ** F-18 Hornet
814 Sqn            * EH-101

* Weekend Visitors
** 1 Week Only

Tiger Trophies:
Silver Tiger Trophy: Esquadra 301 Portugal
Best Flying Unit: Esquadra 301 Portugal
Tiger Games winner: Fliegerstaffel 11 Switzerland
Best Skit: Esquadra 301 Portugal
Best looking Uniform: Escadron de Chasse et d'Expérimentation 05.330 France
Most fancy paintscheme: Aufklarungsgeschwader 51 Germany

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